Monday, May 8, 2017

Voice recording, transfer, and a week in Guayaquil

Forgive me for not posting the last few weeks. Brandon sent a voice recording instead of a letter 2 weeks ago. It was all in Spanish (which is excellent by the way), and I don't remember lots of what he shared. Much of it was jokes that only make sense in Spanish and a list of things he needs for his birthday package.

The following week, he had a transfer so spent the day traveling and moving into his new place.

We got a great letter today. So here goes:

We live in a really messed up part of town. theres always dudes smoking pot and crack outside our house, but theyre 100 percent chill with us. always like wassup elders hows it going? its crazy awesome here.

next week we talk, and thatll be cool, bring cooper along lol

Tuesday: It is too hot. We walked around our sector and got to know some of the members. Everybody is super nice here. They all like talking to me and giving me good food. It's so freaking awesome! I ate too much today, and now I'm dying!

Wednesday: Still hot. Got to know some of our investigators today. They're cool. We also watched an inactive play uncharted 4, so that was sweet. I can just smell the potential of this area. It's awesome.

Thursday: Wilmer accepted a baptismal date for next Saturday the 13th. He's a 16 year old who's really small and really amazing! He's excited for his baptism.

Friday: I showed up to our district meeting to a surprise. Elder Fourcade got transferred into my zone. He's cool. As for today, we finished teaching Wilmer, so now we just need to get him into the water.

Saturday: Elder Inuma got really sick so nothing happened.

Sunday: We had a meeting with the Stake President today about a missionary invasion. Should be interesting. We also had lunch with the coolest family, Familia Salizar. It was a good day.


-Elder Beech