Thursday, July 20, 2017

July 17

Hey family dear, 

This week was alright. About almost everything we tried to do failed. BUT My voice this week is in english so that is fun. 

we are hoping to have 2 baptisms this week, one on Friday, and the other on sunday. They should both be really exciting. To tell you a little about it here's an overview. 

Nicol- She should be baptized on friday afternoon, if all works out okay. She is the daughter to a less active single mother whose son just ran away from home with is girlfriend. The mom is slowly returning to activity and is very excited to see her daughter, aged 17, enter the waters of baptism, get married in august, then be sealed in the temple next year. It has been a very long process with her and her family, but we're almost there. Just a little more work, and she will be very blessed. 

Jader- Jader is 10 years old, son of a single, recently divirced, mother-member and brother to another 15 year old member. The missionaries have been trying to baptise him for the last 2 years in Columbia, but now he's coming to live with his mom in Ecuador. He asked to be baptized upon his arrival here. 

Other than that, we have transfers at the end of the week. I don't feel I'll b getting a transfer, but who knows except God. 

We are super tired right now after a lot of work and a lot of illness but were still moving forward. 

That's all I've got for this week, hopefully pictures of baptisms next week! 
-Elder Beech

Brandon got a call from a ward member during the week.  They had been cleaning out some boxes and found this picture of another Elder Beech from 25 years ago with a little note that he left them.  That Elder Beech is Brandon's Uncle Bryce.  What a treasure for our family.  (Now Kevin needs to ask Bryce who maybe has his old mission scriptures. Maybe Brandon can go find those too. LOL)

July 10  (His 19th birthday was this week)

Attached is my voice memo in horrible spanish for about 40 minutes talking about a good week.

This week actually went very well. We didn't have A TON of success, but more than before. We did a lot of service, ate more than usual, and had a conference with president. 

Tuesday, we helped set up for a baptism, not ours, but for the ward. It was very nice, and we gained some confidence with the ward, and they are now looking for people for us to teach. We had an activity on thursday night, and got a referral and that is awesome, as we are going to teach the whole family. We talked with president, who gave us a lot of guidance and encouragement. But most of all, Hna. Nicol came to church again and that was good. Also, another church member almost killed his ex-wife, who lives in Quito, but we visited him, he cried, and calmed down, and told us he wasn't going to travel to Quito. It's been a rough ride for said member, and I just hope that he will come back to the fold. 

As for my birthday, I received a plush sheep, so now I am the good shepard, so that's cool. We ate a little bit of brownie and such, but all in all, it was a normal day. more or less. 

I haven't much to share other than what I have spoken of in my voice message, and I hope you all can understand and will be enlighted by some things which I spoke of. More than all, I hope that you won't cry and miss me too much BECAUSE THAT IS LAME. I am well, the work is well, and it is well with my soul. ​


This is hopefully my voice message for the week. I'll also send last week's. 

This week was HARD. To be honest I really just wanted to give up right then and there last night. I was mad. In my companionship prayer I told God how super mad I was, and then something amazing happened. I don't want to share it with too many people, but I'll share it with you. (He had a very spiritual experience and learned for himself..) just like he promise in D&C says, I will be also, for I will go before your face. I will be on your right hand and on your left, and my Spirit shall be in your hearts, and mine angels round about you, to bear you up. His angels WERE there and they DID and ARE bearing us up. 

 And we had a very hard week, but this week WILL be better. I know it. 

-Elder Beech
June 26

ANYWAY, this week wasn't much better. but this week that's coming up should be good. I got Dr. Pepper this week from a gringo so that was really nice. He served along with uncle bryce, so it was fun to hear his stories. 

Not much is new with me, they almost shut our area down this week because some gay guy kind of came after the gringito, but its all chill and its all been sorted out and it was actually REALLY funny, but really inapropriate. but yeah, other than that, SUPER boring. I also just realized that dad is not with most of you, so good luck hearing my weekly report and understanding said report. 

miss you! 

-Elder Beech

He sent a voice recording this week.  He spoke amazing Spanish the whole time!