Monday, December 19, 2016

Highlights From Brandon's Last Two Weeks:

-Taught some women who sell food on the busses between Loja and Catamayo. They are very poor. They taught that faith brings blessings.

-Had a rainstorm!

-Have been teaching a 16 year old boy named Christian. He has a baptismal date.

-Ate lots of rice and an amazing lasagne that he couldn't keep down:(

-Elder Hirschi had a birthday, so they made cake and ate it too!

-Met with an older member who has been lonely. He even built a soccer field and basketball court to encourage visitors!

-Fed 70 Ecuadorians. (That was fun!)

-He received his Christmas Package in record time! Thank you to!

-Can't wait to talk to the family on Christmas Day!

Thursday, December 8, 2016

We only have 30 minutes to write because some missionaries have been violating mission rules. It was a hrad week for president. I love pictures from home. Especially cooper. I have been doing well this week, and started teaching lessons myself. Everybody is super suprised and there's a rumor that I may be the youngest assistant in mission history. None of my boxes have arrived, but they should get to me in the next two weeks, as the zone leaders will be going to Guayaquil for the next few weeks. I went on a split with Elder Valdivia, the missionary from Santiago, on Tuesday. He let me in on the buzz about me. Apparently there are high expectations for me. All is well in Catamayo except none of our investigators will come to church. My spanish is well. I think there isn't anything I need -Elder Beech