Monday, October 31, 2016

Hey all! I fought a goat this week, and almost got stabbed by it's owner. It's all good, because i'm a Jesus man, so he couldn't stab me. He has no interest for our message though. Funny contacting experience this week though: YO- Hola, nosotros tenemos un mensaje sobre Jesucristo. MUJER- Gracias, pero no. Soy Católico. YO- ¿Católicos no creen en Jesucristo nada mas? Bueno, ¡hasta luego! which translates to; Me: Hi, we have a message about Jesus Christ Lady: Thanks, but no. I'm Catholic Me: Catholics don't beleive in Jesus Christ anymore? Well, see you next time! My compañero gave me a nice backhand to that. I thought it was funny. Nothing too cool happened this week, other than we had conference with President Moreno. He's a great guy. I wish I listened to more of what he said, but I ended up throwing up all this week's food during his sunday talk. On saturday though, he talked about how we should be nice to everyone, and that sharing the gospel is necessary for everybody, because everybody needs a chance to accept or reject the restored gospel. He also talked about reading scriptures,
and how people don't do that a lot anymore, and lose their faith. Full triste. Anyway, send me letters about your lives! I want to hear from you all! -Elder Beech

Monday, October 10, 2016

I'm doing super good out here. Spanish is going well and I had my first baptism! It was a 10 year old girl. It was such a neat expirience! First week out and I'm baptizing. The work of the Lord. We're not aloud to eat anything super weird, so my diet consists of rice, chicken, bannanas, and water. But It's fine. The only problem I have with the food is that they feed me too much. It sucks having to eat three times as much as I'm used too. The first night I stayed at the assistants' house. My house is a castle compared to their's. Next time Audrey or Maddie complains about what they don't have, show them where I have to shower, when we have water. There are only 2 missionaries in Catamayo, and we're in a branch. There are a ton of inactives around here, so there's always work to do. I had to buy a blanket last week because it gets pretty chilly up here. So I bought the most normal one possible. I'm having fun out here, and Elder Merizalde is most of the reason. he's such and awesome guy. Also, I think I was called here because of the stupidity of the kids. I love them, but they're always running around with no shoes on and getting stabbed by one thing or another. So I have to bandage their feet up and do EMT stuff all the time. It's cool though. Not much else to report on, other than the kids love El Gringo, and the 20-odds hate me. The people are super awesome for the most part. We have to teach the word of wisdom a lot, because all the drunk dudes want to drink with the Gringo. It's awesome.