Monday, October 30, 2017

October 30

Yeah this week was long. We didn't have very much success. We didn't have any success. We had the opposite of success. It's very frustrating, and I cannot understand why. It will be better this week, I know it. 

Jose has P4 which means he's done some very very bad things in the past. Kelly and Jarvis are okay, but Kelly had surgery this week. So she's been stuck at home. And the Bishop wants that we give them to the Sister missionaries along with Sister Grace. That would be all of our baptismal dates, and the rest we have given to the SIsters already. 

So that's my week in very few words. Hopefully this week we'll have some miricles or something good to report. ​

October 23

This week was a real boring week to be honest. There's not really much to say, other than Jose ran into some anti-mormon doctrine, and Kelly and Jarvis are still progressing super well, but are having some trouble understanding some points of doctrine. Everything is going pretty well. My comp and I are learning a lot together. 

We're going to Guayaquil this week for training from Elder Falabella and that should be fun. 

that's all I've got, sorry for the lame letter this week. 
-Élder Beech

October 17

well, It's been a week. I spent all day yesterday traveling to drop off a sister missionary in Guayaquil. We also had a busy week in our sector, as we were preparing everything so that two sister missionaries could come in and help out with the work. What a busy job that is. 

We also had a bad expirience with a dog who attacked my companion and almost fought a dude who wants me to leave his country and stop stealing from his people. It was super sad. 

Other than that, our investigators are progressing very well. Kelly and Jarvis are reading the book of mormon and praying a lot. i really hope they'll be baptized soon. It's also been raining a lot and I've been sick all week still, but it's all chill. 

Jose didn't come to church again, and I don't know why. He was doing so well. 

Thanks for your letters and your help. 

See you next week! ​

October 9

Hey real quick this has been a super crazy week. There were transfers today. elder Picón went to Guayaquil. Now I'm companions with elder alvarado from Perú. He's chill. Not much interesting happened this week. It rained all week, and we should have a baptism this week, I hope. 

sorry for the lame e-mail, but it's all i've got. 
-Élder Beech

October 2

This week was a good week. It was very busy and very uplifting. President has given us a challenge that will carry us into June to read the Book of Mormon each day as companions and study the assigned chapters. It's been good so far and will be better as we go along. 

I burned my hand real bad this week. 

and a picture of (almost) my entire zone. 
-Élder Beech

September 25

So I didn't have time to make an audio recording because of work. BUT here's how the week went:

Monday- I changed comps for the night and hung out with Elder Frost and we went to KFC then slept early, because we had to get up at 2

Tuesday- spent the day in Guayaquil doing my visa and stuff then got back to Cuenca at 11

Wednesday- we worked hard and found a nice family to teach

Thursday- did our weekly planning then ate with the wife of the ward mission leader. then had a great lesson at night with Kelly y Jarvis. They're from Venezuela. 

Friday- had the district meeting, then did service for the ward until 4 and THEN ate lunch, the talked with Jose and Pricilla, 2 baptismal dates for the upcoming weeks. 

Saturday- talked with Jose again and tried to contact a refferal. We had a lesson with the non-memeber husband to a less active. 

Suday- church then a missionary invasion in the Tatoracocha Branch. 

Today- slept bc tired from this week. 

to be honest I feel like God had my mission prepared for me in Venezuela, but the stuff happened, and now he's sending them to me to find in Ecuador. 

Also, elder clark from the MTC is super down right now, because he hasn't had very much success in his mission, and that made me feel sad. 

The ward here is very good. They are pretty big, but most of them are long time memebrs, so they have a real indeference to the missionary work. 

so that's how my life is, really well, and really really cold. 
-Élder Beech

September 18

alright, what a week. It has really flown by to be honest, and this week is going to be faster, as i will be going to Guayaquil tomorrow to renew my visa. 

So we didn't have any baptisms this week, but we did find a couple of new people to teach, with the coolest being Kelly and Jarvis, a couple from Venezuela. They're super cool. 

Also, another one of our investigators is going to the states this week, and is going to bring back DP for me. what a nice lady. 

I also took some great pics today of cuenca, but i left my camera in the house, so y'all gon have to wait. We went to a couple of art galleries and it was very nice. 

on saturday I will have completed 13 months in the mission. so here we go with the sad tronkyness. 


Estuve el viernes pasado en Perimetral y me alegro mucho que ls personas te quieren y te extrañan, eso es miuy bueno, saber que sabes ganar el corazon y el amor de los miembros. Asi se hace

It made me feel good. 

so yeah, boring week, because we spend most of our life traveling in bus place to place, but it's all good. 
-Élder Beech
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