Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Updates from Ecuador

I know the updates have taken a while. Please forgive this missionary mama! Here are the highlights from the last few weeks.

-They had a 2 hour broadcast from Salt Lake City to inform them of the new mission rules that are being implemented worldwide. The 2 biggest ones that will impact Elder Beech are that P-day is 2 hours longer starting at 8:00am, and they are allowed to go to bed at 9:30pm instead of 10:30 pm.

-Solid work going on in Catamayo. Lessons taught frequently but slow progress with his favorite investigators.

-Went on splits with his District Leader, and they ate lots of tamales.

-Priesthood Conference in Loja. Got back to Catamayo late because the bus broke down.

-Received a letter from our Ward Primary. It was mailed before he even left the MTC! He loved it! "It made me happy"

-He's been sick for the last little while, so he hides his meals of bananas and rice in his socks when he just can't eat it. I guess this is better than appearing rude to their members or investigators.

-He had his first transfer. He is now in Pinas with a new elder from California. Brandon is the senior comp. That was a tough Monday for us, since he wasn't able to email at all.

"My testimony is strong still, despite getting rejected a ton. Church is true, book is blue, Jesus loves you. Gospel changes lives, and the Book of Mormon is cool."