Saturday, March 18, 2017

Sorry, I haven't been too good about updating the blog. For starters, Brandon had a transfer to a new area. His Pday was spent on the bus all day, so he didn't have a chance to email. The following week was Carnival, and they were housebound during the Pday, so again no email. Then we were out of town for Spring Break, and I didn't have service so was unable to update the blog. So here are his notes from the past few weeks.

Feb. 20:

This week was not too good. Between losing my scriptures and everything I had studied, along with my copy of my visa and pasport, and several photos. We had little success.

In all honesty its hard here. For P-day, we cleaned house for 5 hours. No break. Im exhausted. We also have carnival this weekend so we'll be stuck in the house from saturday until wendesday. Please pray for me and my companion, and this sector. Its rough.

March 1:

Well, staying in the house is rough. Being sick is even rougher. But its all good.

I ate cuy like 4 weeks ago and I forgot to tell you guys. I also at a giant ciqueda this week. Maybe thats why im sick.

March 6:

We are hoping and looking forward to a baptism on Saturday, if she passes the baptismal interview. She a bit old, and really crazy, but she has desires to do whats right.

All that she has told us:
The mafia wants the gold under her house, and has killed her husband, and is torturing her son to get the gold. Her neighbors are devil worshipers and somebody keeps throwing toxic gas into her house. She wants us to wait with her as we fill up the pila bautismal for 3 hours on saturday. Also satan keeps talking to her. She's really cool.

As for the rest of the week, we started off by losing our golden family on wednesday night. Too much extended family pressure to stay catholic. So they kindly told us to leave. Elder Schillen got really bummed by that, but I told him God will bless us as Job if we have patience. We didn't get a 10 fold reward, but looking back, we do have a 3 fold reward. 3 new golden families.

We also had a REALLY old investigator (hes 16 but got dropped 3 months ago) show up to church randomly, and so he's back and progressing. He's a cool guy.

Also we lost another investigator because she died. But she was at least infinity, and was accepting all that we taught, so shes all good.

I still do not have my package, but I feel it will arrive in my hands on Friday.

Attached are some pictures of me with the catholics, me with Elder Vegas and Elder Arroyo.

Church is true, Jesus died for you, and Ecuador is too rainy.

March 13:

I hope the pictures are loading. I saw an Iguana this week, and Hna. Rosa drank cofee and was not baptized. Also spent about 22 hours in Machala for a zone conference and it was calm.

All is well in the work here in PiƱas, not much to report on. I hope all is well with you all in Texas. I have no good stories for you guys, but maybe next week when I can send my weekly letter. Yes I am writing them.

Love you,
-Elder Beech