Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Week in Santa Rosa

Tuesday, April 4

We had a crazy day today. I had an appointment with the doctor for my eyeballs. Herman Moreno scheduled it for me. I was having trouble reading and it annoyed Elder Coello so we went to the doctor, and now I have reading glasses. Then we had a lesson with Tatiana, who was baptized a year ago. She's an inactive member. She quit coming to church because of personality conflicts with someone. After that lesson, we went to Santa Rosa to spend the night.

Wednesday, April 5

I spent the day in Santa Rosa with Elder Bowser and Elder Hurtado, both younger than me in the mission. It was a hot day, and nothing much happened, but we ate pizza. I also got my Easter package. Thanks for the Duck!

Thursday, April 6

We came back from Santa Rosa and I got sick. So I spent the day puking. So that was fun.

Friday, April 7

We went back to Santa Rosa for Zone Training. We're going to Guayaquil next Saturday to meet Elder Christofferson! That should be fun. We had no lessons today.

Saturday, April 8

The day started off like Friday, nobody was home. But at 5:30 we had a lesson with Franklin Rayes, who is a new investigator. He's old and cool. He lives in the middle of nowhere. I found a really cool goat as well! He's a really cool dude. After that, we just looked for new people and found none.

Sunday, April 9

The Miracle. Nobody answered our calls or the door when we went to invite them to church. We felt we'd put up another 0 for investigators again this week, but we showed up to church with 5 investigators. They just came. It was amazing. The rest of the day was calm, nobody at home again, but it's all good.

Monday, April 10

All is good here. I ate ribs today, so that was nice. I am a super nerd, but it's all good. We are going to baptize soon, I hope. Miss you and love you! This week was boring.

Updates on Monday, April 10

buenas tardes hermanas y padres,

this week was exeptionally BORING. we did a lot of traveling and i taught a lot of animals. We lost our super cool old guy investigator, so that was sad, but he´ll come around one day. Guayaquil was cool, all 3 missions were there and i saw elder Toledo. I also found Ecco in my comps package and stole it. jajajajajajajajajajaja. All is good around here, were having incredible success with investigators and everything. Its looking really bright here in piñas!

how is everybody? 🙁

keep your nose up
-Elder Beech

Monday, April 3, 2017

Two weeks of updates!

Updates from the last 2 weeks:

March 20: I spent my whole day in Santa Rosa. Elder Coello got into Santa Rosa at about 7:40. We're staying the night with our zone leaders, Elder Roberts and Elder Gomez. We should head back around 6 or 7 tomorrow and get into Pinas around 10 or 11. I will be so dead tomorrow. Elder Coello is a cool guy.

March 21: We left Santa Rosa at about 6:40 this morning and got into Pinas at about 11:00. The back route got blocked too. As for the day, nobody was home. We spent the whole day searching for nothing. We found a new investigator, 17 year old Karla, who's sister is a member in Italy. She's cool. Elder Coello is dying. These mountains were never made for men like him. He's super awesome. He's chill.

March 22: Elder Coello is absolutely going to zonk tonight. He has 20 months in the mission, all in Guayaquil, which is super flat. I cannot describe how steep these hills are. We actually had lessons today. With George and Ibies and their family. Wonderful family. Walked around a bit, had a lesson with Jessica, and then hit up a less active, then walked into the mountains, and nobody was home. Solid day.

March 23: It was a good day. Freezing day with rain (cold for Ecuador). Once again nobody was home. We also got a call from the zone leaders last night. Pinas is its own district now. District Leader - Elder Beech.

March 24: I was super sick today. Ugh.

March 25: Still sick, but I left the house finally. Nobody was home, but it was a good day.

March 26: Church was good. I slept pretty much the rest of the day. Really sick still. Excited for General Conference!

March 27: We went to the cross today. For the first time in a long time, I had a real P-day. I also may be able to recover my photos tomorrow. We'll see. For district meeting this week I'm having all the missionaries write talks about the atonement and their lives (or just the atonement). Also super pumped for General Conference! It'd be cool if next week you could all send me your favorite talks BEFORE Monday. Thanks.

The roads in and out of Pinas are closed, so we're trapped in Pinas in case I get sicker. LOL.

We finally had a lesson with Hermana Esperana, a 16 year old investigator. It was alright.

March 28: Today was not so good. Everybody is super sick, busy, or not home. A lot of our investigators have problems with listening to us because their parents don't want them to listen to us.

March 29: We have no money, and no food. Rough day.

March 30: We went to Portovelo today, which was cool. I think we might have some success here.

March 31: Nobody was home again today, but we had a branch activity, so that was fun.

April 1: Conference was good.

April 2: We had to hang out in the house after general conference ended because of elections. We had 0 investigators show up to conference :(