Thursday, July 20, 2017

July 10  (His 19th birthday was this week)

Attached is my voice memo in horrible spanish for about 40 minutes talking about a good week.

This week actually went very well. We didn't have A TON of success, but more than before. We did a lot of service, ate more than usual, and had a conference with president. 

Tuesday, we helped set up for a baptism, not ours, but for the ward. It was very nice, and we gained some confidence with the ward, and they are now looking for people for us to teach. We had an activity on thursday night, and got a referral and that is awesome, as we are going to teach the whole family. We talked with president, who gave us a lot of guidance and encouragement. But most of all, Hna. Nicol came to church again and that was good. Also, another church member almost killed his ex-wife, who lives in Quito, but we visited him, he cried, and calmed down, and told us he wasn't going to travel to Quito. It's been a rough ride for said member, and I just hope that he will come back to the fold. 

As for my birthday, I received a plush sheep, so now I am the good shepard, so that's cool. We ate a little bit of brownie and such, but all in all, it was a normal day. more or less. 

I haven't much to share other than what I have spoken of in my voice message, and I hope you all can understand and will be enlighted by some things which I spoke of. More than all, I hope that you won't cry and miss me too much BECAUSE THAT IS LAME. I am well, the work is well, and it is well with my soul. ​

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