Monday, August 7, 2017

August 7

My Family, 

This week has been a whirlwind. Between 8 new investigatiors and my companion dying of pain, its been a good week. 

The Soto family have baptismal dates for the 19th of august, and are progressing very well. The Mendoza family is also progressing very well. The work is moving forward. 

Friday was a dark day though, upon returning home after the district meeting and lunch, my companion was very very very much in pain. Hermana Moreno told us to take the day and let Elder Chota rest a little. He has not improved. In fact, th epills he was told to tak emade his very sick. So he and I will travel to the hospital everyday this week to get physical therapy. So that's fun. 

An upside to having a companion who can only walk very, very, very slow is that I am able to look around and enjoy everything a little more. For example, There are some very beautiful flowers near our house that I've never seen in more 3 months here, but on saturday I got a good long time to look and think about them. Simple, but amazing. I've also had more time to pet dogs and cats while we waddle around town. There's never a down side to more time with dogs and cats, calling each one cooper and mishu. 

I have done a lot of studying this week and that's bored me, but it's all good. This week's message is in english, just because. It's pretty lame, but it's the best I could give. 

During lunch yesterday, I, being prideful, and boasted up in my stength tried to eat some jalepeños (we were eating mexican) to show a family that texans are strong. I almsot died a most lame death. But I lived, and it was a totally rightous expirience. 

That's all i've got thank you all for everything. ​

-Elder Beech

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