Monday, August 7, 2017

July 24

We only had one baptism this week, but we're looking to saturday for the next baptism. 

First things first, I have not been transferred. Neither has elder chota. It looks like he will finish his mission with me in perimetral. AND i get to deliver a great talk on sunday. so hyped. 

it's been a hard week. I got very sick on tuesday (more explained in my voice) and I couldn't work very much the whole week. I pretty much slept and went to the hospital to see if i had AIDS or something. I'm all good now, which is nice, but during the baptism I thought I was going to die. 


she cried, the entire time. She is very happy to be clean of her sins, and that she can now me a new person. It was a very spiritual expirience. 

I'm good, i'm looking for new people to teach, and I'm loving the mission. ​

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